Optional Managed Services

Monitoring & Rebooting

Monitoring & Rebooting

Server administering is a rather challenging responsibility for inexperienced VPS owners – you need to keep track of how your virtual server is doing, to see if it’s overloading, to see if all the services are performing just fine. It is a task that calls for permanent attention, and you most likely don’t the needed time to deal with this. That’s why we propose that we carry out the work instead of you. If you take advantage of our Optional Managed Services deal, we will be keeping constant track of your virtual server and all the processes running on it. This way you’ll have more time for your websites or web applications.
Weekly Backups

Weekly Backups

When you manage a high–profile site or a data–heavy web app, it’s obligatory to keep a complete back–up copies of everything. However, setting up an automated backup system is difficult. This is the reason why our company offers you our Optional Managed Services deal – we pledge to maintain a full backup of your VPS web hosting service, not only of your web sites and hosted content, but of all the custom modifications that you have added. Our backup scripts are run each week, retaining all the changes that you’ve made during that period of time.
Installation & Troubleshooting

Installation & Troubleshooting

If you would like your virtual server to have video streaming or video conversion capabilities, you need to install & set up specific software programs on it. And if this sounds like something too difficult for you, then our Installation & Troubleshooting service, an essential part of our Optional Managed Services deal, is definitely the most suitable solution for you. With it, you will have the complete and uninterrupted attention of one of our proficient sysadmins who will install any software or rectify any issue that you’re having with your Virtual Private Server. The Optional Managed Services deal comes bundled with the majority of our OpenVZ Linux Virtual Private Servers. With the KVM Linux Virtual Private Servers, it’s an additional feature.

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$6.00 / month
VPS Virtua-1
$6.00* /mo
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* valid for the first 12 month(s)

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