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Migration service

What does the website migration service include? Will my site be safe?

If your current hosting provider can no longer meet the demands of your site, or if you go through continual network downtime, or if you have to wait for hours for the client care staff to get back to you, it might be a clever idea to change your hosting provider, i.e. to migrate all the files for your websites as well as your databases from your present provider to your new provider. At DWS Web Hosting, we are aware that this can be hard and time–consuming. This is the reason why we’ll perform all that for you for free!Our highly professional technical team members will migrate your web site content from your present web hosting provider to us. Our technicians have a lot of experience with website migration and can handle everything – from a regular WordPress–based blog or Joomla™ CMS–powered web site, to an extremely elaborate, custom–built web app.
Transfer time

How long will it take for my site to be migrated to your platform?

There are many factors to think about – the total amount of files, the size of the database, the complexity of the site itself and the current workload of our web site migration experts, etc. Having said that, we do our best to perform all web site migrations in a 48–hour time window. Smaller–sized sites are transferred faster – typically in under 24 hours.
Personal privacy

Do you require anything from me before you start transferring my website?

Yup. We’ll need the name of the web site that you would like us to transfer. We’ll also require a means to log in to your current web hosting account so that we can get the content associated with your web site.

The login details for my hosting account are delicate. How can I trust you?

Before we can start the migration of your web hosting account, you must already have an account with us. Opening an account with us will require that you to share pretty much the same information you have provided to your old host. We also have an extremely rigid Privacy Policy, which describes how personal data is tackled.
Website work

What about downtime? Will my web site be offline?

Nope. Your web site will remain visible online during the migration. As soon as everything is completed on our end, we’ll tell you so that you can preview it and check for problems. If everything is okay, all you will need to do is change your domain’s DNS resource records.
Old provider

Will my present hosting provider need to provide any information/help?

While we migrate your web content, your hosting provider will not be aware of the migration at all. We will never contact them in any way.
Unmetered features

Which hosting platforms do you support?

Yeah. We support all standard Linux–based hosting platforms. We don’t support Windows–based hosting platforms, because we do not provide Windows hosting solutions ourselves.Additionally, we don’t support proprietary site creation and management user interfaces such as Wix, BaseKit, Jimdo, Website Tonight, Four Square, Mr Site, etc.

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