Optional Managed Services

Monitoring & Rebooting

Monitoring & Rebooting

When you have a Linux dedicated hosting service, round–the–clock monitoring is very important. You need to know if the various services are running smoothly and if there’s any problem with any of them. Yet, it’s a really tough and time–swallowing undertaking. Having this in mind, we suggest that we perform this task on your behalf. Our Optional Managed Services solution offers an exclusive monitoring device, which will keep constant track of the various processes running on your server to see if everything is okay. And in case there’s ever any problem, it will immediately warn our system administrators.
Weekly Backups

Backup Space

Keeping a backup of your web site is really difficult if you have to do it yourself. You will have to find a place for your backups – if possible on a different physical machine; you will have to make backups; you will need to check up if everything is working. Our company offers a simple solution. Our Optional Managed Services package grants you 50 gigabytes of disk space on one of our reliable backup servers. And we can help you with the backups. And because all the servers belong to the very same network, the backups will be made as quickly as possible.
Installation & Troubleshooting

Installation & Troubleshooting

It can be very discouraging if you would like to run a web app or a service on your Linux dedicated hosting service, but you keep coming across hassles. This is when our Optional Managed Services solution can help save your day – it includes installation and troubleshooting tasks. What this means is that one of our very qualified senior server administrators will be working half an hour solely on the problems that you have mentioned. You can request him to run an app or a service, or to resolve an issue that you keep seeing. Or to upgrade your server Operating System.

Available with all Dedicated Servers

Atom 2c
Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz (2 cores)
2x240 GB SSD Hard Drives
$36.00* /mo
$40.00 /mo
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Xeon D
Xeon D-15412.1 GHz (8 Cores)
2x240 GB SSD Hard Drives
$99.00* /mo
$110.00 /mo
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* Price without VAT tax and payment fees, total price depends on your location.
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